Avoiding Burst or Blocked Pipes

The Importance of an Annual Health Check for Your Pipes

“Burst or blocked pipes is the leading cause of water damage, making up 46% of related claims,” – QBE Insurance, Insurance News.

We go to the doctor and the mechanic at least once a year, but some of us aren’t aware we should be servicing our house pipes once a year.

burst pipe

Does Your Water Meter Meet Australian Standards?

While high water pressure may be great for showers and washing the car, it causes stress on pipes and appliances. To meet Australian Standards, water pressure within buildings cannot exceed 500kpa otherwise you can experience burst pipes, flooding and damage to the property. If the building doesn’t comply to standards, many insurance companies won’t cover damage caused by burst pipes. You can also be voiding your manufacturer warranties for your hot water service, washing machine, dishwasher, plumbed refrigerator, valves and tapware.

To ensure you meet the requirements, a licensed plumber can test your water meter and install a pressure reduction valve if needed. Complete Plumbing QLD can also advise if your water meter is functioning correctly as certain faults affect your water bill.

Are Your Stormwater Drains Clear?

Environmental matter is regularly washed into your stormwater drains and stormwater pits during heavy rains. If your drains haven’t been routinely cleared after wet weather you’ll find leaves, stones, sand and mulch accumulates and leads to blockages. Water then builds up in the down pipes and seeps into the eaves on the roof. Depending on how long the issue goes unresolved, you can be faced with major or minor roof leak damage. Our plumbers use plunging rods and/or a jet rodding machine to clear unwanted debris, allowing the stormwater in your home or business to function efficiently.

“Damaged roofs and old or worn-out plumbing each accounted for 27.2% (of water damage related claims)” – QBE Insurance, Insurance News.

Avoid Sewer Blockages

It goes without saying, no one wants to encounter sewer issues on their property. Get your sewer pipes checked annually by a professional to avoid any blockages. It’s not unusual to encounter a sagging sewer line, disrupting the flow in the pipe. The soil supporting the pipe can settle overtime or this can be due to tree roots, excessive rain or temperature changes. Complete Plumbing QLD use drain camera technology to ensure any problems such as cracked pipes or tree root intrusion are diagnosed correctly.

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