7 Common Roof Problems – Inspect Don’t Neglect

What You Need to Know About Your Roof

A roof protects an entire building, often an owner’s biggest asset, and the people within it. On the Gold Coast our roofs are exposed to harsh conditions including the Australian sun, storms and wind pressure. Neglecting annual inspections and routine maintenance is a fast road to a multitude of expensive problems.

  1. Roof Leaks
    It pays to regularly check buildings for any signs of leaking or water damage and resolve the issue quickly. Small roof leaks can go undetected for years, causing major structural damage that could have easily been avoided.
  2. Inefficient Ventilation
    If your roof isn’t correctly ventilated it can increase both moisture and the internal temperature of the attic causing damage to the sheathing, shingles, rafters, insulation and results in raised energy costs. Ask a professional roofer if you have the correct system installed for your roof, and if it’s functioning correctly.
  3. Clogged Gutters
    Keep your gutters maintained by regularly clearing out leaves and checking for any signs of cracking and rust. Blocked gutters allow water build up to seep into eaves and leak into the roofing system. Over time you may encounter rust, rotting and potentially structural damage. Gutter guard can also be installed on your gutters to prevent the build-up of leaves and branches.
  4. Tree Damage
    A heavy branch falling on your roof during strong winds is not only a concern for people’s safety but a costly exercise to repair. Stay on top of pruning overhanging branches as these also lead to abrasion on the roof when left for a prolonged period. This will also help lessen green waste in your gutters.
  5. Pooled Water
    Water that sits in one area, often on flat roofs can lead to rust, sinking, mould, mildew and eventually structural damage. Contact Complete Plumbing Qld today before this becomes a danger.
  6. Damaged Flashing
    Flashing can become worn with age, warped due to temperature changes and heavy rains can expose any fragile areas. Flashings are installed to protect and seal your roof, so once exposed, the roof is susceptible to moisture and water.
  7. Poor Installation and Repairs
    Cutting corners with cheap labour and materials can result in serious complications. It is well worth spending the money to ensure your roof is installed and repaired professionally so you aren’t paying for it down the track.


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